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C – Change

Chemo changed his looks.

But not her love for him.


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B – Back-Up

“Back-up” – What is the first thing that ever comes into your mind? An alternate Career? An other person? A spare thing or two? Continue Reading<span data-mce-type=

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After Break – up:

Chain Smoker. Drunkard. Drug Addict.

Addiction will also change.

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A-Z Challenge

Greetings to All,

Its been a while since I actually had a look into my blog. After what seems like ages, here I am, back after 3 months with a zeal to write again. So here I am taking up the A-Z Challenge wherein for 26 days, you would find blog posts. Its not only gonna be the lengthy posts but a blend of #CrispTales, #PictureThoughts, #Driftless and #Trending Writeups, all from letter A to letter Z.

I just hope that I keep you guys engaged and myself energetic. Thanks to all the followers. Looking forward for more love and support . Stay Tuned!

PS: I will take an off on Sundays.


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Speak Out, dude!

More often than not, we find ourselves dumb. Dumb enough to not speak out what we intend to. And why is that so? It’s simple. It’s a choice we make and many at times, it turns out to be wrong.
When we choose to bury our feelings, Click here to continue reading

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Ray of Sunshine

At 9 in the morning, when I walk down the way to get out of the house, all that I could notice is Click to Continue Reading

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Little Things do Matter

The people who know me well, tag me as “To be handled with care” type of specimen, because the smallest of things matter a hell lot to me. I do give a damn about each and every little thing though I might put off a few BIG things (only sometimes). This is a tad little about me. And here I go on with why LITTLE THINGS after all, DO MATTER.

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