An Apology to my Bestie

We all have a few people in our life who would do anything for us and well, we too would do anything for them. They top our priority list, but sometimes we take them for granted.
We expect them to lend their ears to us and we don’t do the same. Has it began to hit you atleast now, that it is totally unfair? That you have been a real meano?

It has hit me.
So, here I am going to write an apology to my bestie:

To Bae,
Hey Idiot! An oxymoron it is. But that’s exactly the way we know each other.
Well, am sorry for being busy off late and for giving you replies so “super delay”. It’s not that I didn’t want to talk to you, but just that I really couldn’t. I know you are soo annoyed with me that you are gonna smash me and I am ready to accept the charge. I am guilty and you have all the liberty to prosecute me. I feel soo miserable to think of the fact that I hardly could spend 10 minutes of my time with a person who has spent most of her’s for me, since the day she knew me.
And it also irks me to realise that I really couldn’t be there by your side when you needed me the most. I really, am sorry. As I sit down and think of WHY (read “why on earth”) I am being such a witch to you, my reply is not going to be a satisfactory one but I gotta be honest. And the reply is that I have lost myself in this dynamic world and I too had to change. The assignments and studies always keeps me on my toes. My daily life has become such a monotonous one that I totally am not being my usual self. I do miss our leg pulling sessions, in depth conversations, hangouts, whinings, joyous moments, gossips, etc and above all, us. I miss the way we were together. I mean we still are “besties”, but there is a bit of drift because of the passing time. I wish I was a Wonder Woman to freeze my time so that I get to be with you. As I am not one, all that I could tell you is I am sorry and I really really mean it.
So, babe, you have this lifetime to put up with me. And you are a pro at it.
Love you to the moon and back.
Yours annoyingly,
– Your Ms. Future Bridesmaid.

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