V Day – Dream vs. Reality

February 14. As soon as you come across this date, your mind produces a faster answer than Google, “Valentine’s Day”. A day of red and roses, you already feel dreamy about it. But, hold on your dreams because the reality is soo very different, atleast in India.

If you are single, you are gonna face more of “Grrrrrr” moments and if you are in a relationship, either you or your partner will be at the apologising end. To singles, all that we do is wish every single person around us and eat the chocolates that our friends receive. Or if you are planning to propose a girl, woah man, you realise she already has other ideas.
And here, let me just list down what a dream of a “Perfect Valentine Day” would be, alongwith the reality faced by couples.

Dream – To wish him/her at 12 am and have a late night conversation.
Reality – The guy sleeps at 11.57 pm or the girl’s mom lands up being next to her.

Dream – To be with your partner the whole day.
Reality – Ahem! You realise you don’t have attendance and that you have to stay at the class. If you are working, congrats, because you are nearing a deadline of your project.

Dream – To make and gift a greeting card.
Reality – Ends up buying a card at Archie’s or sends a virtual greeting card.

Dream – To wear a red outfit because dude, that’s the color code.
Reality – Your red shirt stares at you while rotating in the washing machine.

Dream – To buy a bouquet of roses for her.
Reality – Ooh! It is freaking costly. Never mind, anyways its gonna fade away in a day or two.

Dream – To get a big box of heart-shaped chocolates.
Reality – Ten bucks worth Diary Milk will do.

Dream – A candle light dinner.
Reality – Ends up talking on the phone with him/her while mom serves you hot dosas.

So, however the day is gonna be, don’t get dejected because Feb 14 is not the only day to love and be loved. You have a whole of lifetime to be celebrated with love, with your better half. It’s just a matter of time. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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