The Last Day Scenes

The last day of a three or four year graduation programme is like you are watching the climax of a tragedy movie. Mostly teary-eyes everywhere, that’s how the feeling of “I m gonna miss you” will take over one’s self.
But being a professional CA student, my case is so different. That too without any graduation, all that I do is attend private coaching classes and mandatory training programmes.
How a typical last day feels will be, is what this post is all about.Here it goes..Β 
You know that its just a few months (or a few days) since you have been in the class but its already come to an end and you don’t know, it does hurt as if you are going for a sasuraal. Though that is something which every CA student has to adapt to, it is the “missings” scene that happens for every class. Sometimes, you miss the fun but mostly it is the people behind the fun that you will miss the most. With as short as 15 days, there are people who could influence you and take you on a roller coast ride of emotions. And there are this set of people whose existence was not known until the last day and all of a sudden, they begin to mingle with and you find them super cool and swag. They are the ones who you would get soo close with and attach the “BFF” tag after the classes get over. Thanks to fb and watsapp.
Oh yeah, I shouldnt forget this… It is obviously a last day of umpteen selfies and group pictures. Your insta feed and fb timeline will be flooded with #MajorMissings #Bestclass and such relevant hashtags. And ofcourse, the discovery of “lovebirds” happens on this day and you curse yourself for not knowing all this while. I should mention this.. That there will be an awesome picture without you and you again hit the wall. And you might cry, like this is very very rare and you cry because you will genuinely miss the person who was close to you and you begin to fear the fact whether the relationship you share will be the same ever again.
To the perks of being a CA student, the last day scenes are held strongly in the hearts because those are not just events, they are MEMORIES. So what if the classes were of a shorter period, the friendship is going to be of a longer one. Make the last day count and thats exactly we follow.

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