Tall Girl Woes

Being a girl of 5’8″, I have my own woes. And I assure that every tall girl would relate to it.
First and most important, I don’t get a proper pant. When the ankle length jeans was a trend, only I know of how badly I wanted it. I tried some 10 shops, and everybody else’s ankle length jean, was of a three – fourth size jean for me. Not to forget the leggings (or gatherings or watever it is), for everyone the end part gets accumulated layer wise, for me its just a two or three fold.
Not only pants, here comes the slippers. I have to literally choose a pair only from the bigger sizes available, and sad, that they don’t even look good. Choosing from a limited range is just difficult. And there are hardly some 3-4 shops which have a good collection of designs but, Baaam! , they are costly.
Then there is this fact that I have never got a floor length dress. This puts me off completely and makes me go a bit Grrrrrrr.
Apart from the outfits, the chores I am made to do exclusively for my height is something which has to be mentioned. My mom lovingly calls me and makes me to get the things to the top shelf. When am at home, you can see me literally hanging on to the top loft trying to search for the old cooking pan or a gastube. And not only at my house, I am into social service for my neighbours’ also. Even if they need to get something from the above shelves, all that they have to do is, call me.
And this one. Being a tall person everyone knows that you will land up clicking the selfies. The person who clicks will obviously look bad and I mostly avoid clicking. But when I do, its just the awful face of me in the picture that can be spotted.
There are a few other things which is relatable. Like holding the umbrella for me and my friend when its raining. And trying to figure out the hot looking guy’s height because, dude, height does matter a lot for us. This one too, having to slow down when walking with my short friends because my one stride is three of theirs is another tall girl problem. Being tall and having long legs is all fun and games, until I get to sit in the backseat of a small car.
Though there are a few cons of being a tall girl, there are perks that make us unique. We literally stand apart (read tall) from the crowd.
Are you a tall girl or you know tall girls? Share and tag.
Whether you like this post or don’t like it, feel free to leave your comments.
Thanks. Loads of love from me. 💞


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