Being with a younger sibling

Same blood but a different (or rather opposite) category. Yessss, that’s about our siblings. Without them, we all are incomplete. If you are an elder one, ask your parents about the time when you were excited for a baby brother or sister to play with. But bam, you realise it is not a toy which does things you thought it would. The born one is a tiny creature which kept you away from your mother at the hospital for a few days. And that’s where the sibling rivalry actually starts.
As time passes by, you realise that the new kid gets all the attention (and partiality).
From seeing him/her using your toys to using your laptop, they annoy you for your entire life. With the siblings of the same gender, they take away your clothes and accessories too. When you go and complain about them to your parents, most of the times all that you would hear is “You are older. Adjust.”
To being the opponent in everything you do, they do teach you something. They are the shoulders you would lean on incase of any serious issues. You know they are younger but they surely are a masters in making you feel comfortable. You got a low mark and dad is not willing to sign the report card? Chillax.. That soul will take care. They will intimate you the right time to approach dad. Even though they blackmail you for all the wrong things you did, you know from the innermost heart that they won’t betray you.

They might fight with you for a last piece of Eclairs but know that they will be with you till the last. They are your emotionally stable keepers. The younger ones don’t agree to this..but certainly you are their role model. The way you do things certainly matters a lot and shapes them to be a better person.
They are your life. They complete your family. The lifelines which hold on to you and would never let go, no matter what. From doning the role of a mother, father, taskmaster, enemy, bestest friend, teacher and the crackpot who does the most weird things with you, they are everything to you.

PS: My bro should be proud of his sis to write such things, keeping him in mind. 😝

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