To My “Many” Best Friends

Everybody has a best friend. For some, there’s at least this one constant friend who they entirely grow up with. And for others, they have “best friends” at each and every stage of their life. And I fall in the latter category. I have had different “besties” at different points. Being in the last year of my teens, I really think this is the right time to write something for them. This also includes my current best friends because peeps, I am writing in advance. Here I go..

Dear Best Friends,

Hey all! How are you? .. Been too many days since we spoke, right? Hope everything is going good at your side. Well, am good too but as I said above, I am missing you all. I do understand the fact that we have all grown up and are in different paths, altogether. But the nostalgia mood turns ON now and then, and I dive deep into the “happy” moments I had with you all.
I might sound soo kiddish but I am being honest. What I am now, I owe it to you. You have screwed me up when I did wrong things, taught me how to behave and keep myself on bay and have been the lending shoulders when I cried till I exhaust myself. You have slapped me, hit me and knocked me hard on my head too. But you have also given that “healing” hug, your time and space for me.
Right from learning how to hold the compass in the lower grades to behaving professionally, you all have been there at some point or the other. From sharing lunch boxes to trying to say “ek plate paani poori, bhaiya” at the shop and to paying the bills in a restaurant, we all have grown up and so has the distance.
On a concluding note, I want to tell you guys that I am there for you all. None of you will ever be forgotten because dudes, I Love You. You people have been the right kind of ingredients to my Biriyani (I am saying this because you all have been my bestt food partners๐Ÿด).
A big Thanks, everyone.ย This is your supposedly Best Friend signing off. Buhbyee.

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