It’s just a passing phase.

My mom often keeps telling me that life is a giant-wheel. The ones at the top will go down and the ones at the bottom are destined to go up. There is no way that you can escape from this giant-wheel principle in your life.

Every single person in this world has their own share of ups and downs, at different points in their life. Be it finance or romance, you can never predict the future. Anything and everything could happen. It is only YOU who could face it. When you are successful, you will have people who will celebrate with you. But at the times of crisis, you might land up being with none.

For life is nothing, but a big mystery. Decoding this mystery is a herculean task but learn to BE PREPARED to face life.

Having a mindset that “It’s just a passing phase” will actually help you to accomplish a lot more in life, than you are really capable of. Are you having the time of your life? I am happy for you but dude, keep yourself at bay and watch out for caution signals. Experiencing some great pain and want to “quit”? Hold on, you have lots to see and live. Hitting the bottom is fine. For all of this, you have to believe in yourself and that’s the key. Don’t either lock yourself or get carried away. Be YOU and be there for others. You will surely have a completely satisfied life and also that is something which you will cherish.

Lastly, remember that life itself is just a passing phase and we too, are going to pass out on one fine day. Take a deep breath, smile, hold on to the handlebar (read heart) and be ready to face all the ups and downs as if it is a ride on the giant-wheel and I am sure you will enjoy this one BIGGEST ride of your lifetime, named LIFE.

Thank you xD.

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