Down the memory Lane

Memories.They stir the strongest of feelings. While some memories could be happiest ones, others might be the most depressing and regretful types. I am just awe with the fact that our brain could actually remember so many things. And that too, the smallest things of all.

As I get older, I find myself looking back more and more often. I think that this is partially due to the fact that every year, another chapter is written in my life, and another block of memories is created. There’s just more history to ponder every time I take a backward glance.

Memory is an important cognitive process, that helps us record the past so that we can refer to it, as and when required. While sometimes they make us feel happy, they also make us feel bad and sad incase of certain circumstances.

When we cross a toyshop, we begin to feel light looking at the stacked dolls and cars. If it is our school, we just stare at the high compound walls with a zillion thoughts running at a super high speed. Like this, we tend to remember each and every thing. But the way we recollect depends. Don’t ask me about the recollection of memory at the exam hall..That’s an exception. 😅

At times, even without our knowledge we just sink into immense nostalgia. And I am telling all this because, it is OK to do so. It is absolutely OK to rewind and see, but provided you snap back to the reality.  All of us are into forward thinking. Though that’s fine, we should sit and make ourselves some time to reminiscence the past. Don’t think that I am asking you to stay in the past. The past is dead and it’s a ghost now. But cherishing the past now and then, is not gonna do any harm. 

Dig into your cupboard and you might land up getting something that would trigger a huge sense of nostalgia in you.

Its not just a photo album or a toy which would make you go on a backward trip, it could be a song, a smell, food, sound and even – a particular color.

Memories are very important. When you are happy with few particular past incidents and are regretful for the other ones, they too would make you feel happy because you have crossed the hurdle and have achieved something now. The bad memories back then have taught you something. And that’s a lesson which you should hold close to your heart.

Be just a visitor to the memories and don’t become a dweller. Reality is dynamic and the one who doesn’t cope up with the reality would never be able to face the future. Take little walks now and then down the memory lane, but be sure to get back to the grind.

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