Little Things do Matter

The people who know me well, tag me as “To be handled with care” type of specimen, because the smallest of things matter a hell lot to me. I do give a damn about each and every little thing though I might put off a few BIG things (only sometimes). This is a tad little about me. And here I go on with why LITTLE THINGS after all, DO MATTER.

Every single passing day, we encounter innumerable “little things”. Yet, despite this, it’s so easy for us to get swept up in the grand scheme of things and forget to pay attention to the small stuff. Today’s society is always pushing us to look ahead, forget the little things and focus on “the big picture.” But somehow we need to learn how to pay attention to these little things because when put in perspective, they build up over the years and eventually come to define us. If you live your life looking forward to the few big things, then you are gonna lose a zillion little things all along the way.

For example: Your success in your job is an end result of the many “little” sacrifices and hard work. Similarly, your marriage is the result of little moments of love and laughter. 

stock-vector-little-hand-drawn-people-holding-signs-with-african-proverb-on-social-change-546861328Image courtesy: Pixabay

Big things matter every once in a while, but its the little things that keep our relationship alive and going. Buying your sibling a chocolate, hugging your parents and saying “I love you”, smiling at your watchman, talking with your grandma for an hour etc etc.,. All these may not be the “WOWmatic” spectacular moments, but they are the kind of little things that go on a long way in a relationship.

Whether you’ve missed your bus, stubbed your toe, lost your keys, broke up with your boyfriend or are just having a bad hair day, paying attention to the little positive things in life will help you shift your focus away from the negative things.

Success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than to the large things; to the everyday things nearest to us rather than to the things that are remote and uncommon.

Booker T Washington

 It’s the little things in your life that will reveal your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses and your needs and desires. If you pay attention to them, you can learn a lot about yourself and how the world works. Then you can use what you’ve learned to work toward the bigger things.

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” So enjoy your journey, and pay attention to the little things in life that will determine your destination.

A bit of extra quotes and references, right? That is because I am running short of words and I felt that whatever the people have said above is kinda inspirational. Hope this piece of write up makes some sense. Please do share and comment your honest feedback.

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Thanks, all.

Vj signing off xD


4 thoughts on “Little Things do Matter

  1. Reblogged this on Faith. Hope. Life and commented:
    This is extremely relatable. It was the small things, the very little things that i did for her that showed my interest and feelings towards her but she probably looked at things differently. she probably focus on the bigger picture and neglected all the smaller gestures that i had for her.

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