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B – Back-Up

“Back-up” – What is the first thing that ever comes into your mind? An alternate Career? An other person? A spare thing or two?Well, it could be anything. Having an option in life is actually good. By this, I am not asking you to lose confidence in whatever you have indulged into.

When I usually talk about “back-up”, I get a stern look from people around me as if I am a person who is unstable in the decision taken. I am just trying to put forth a point that it is safe to have something already planned and set aside so that it could be of use. In this ever dynamic world, what seems to be a choice could become a chance and might lead to a CHANGE.

So, any decision you take, I strongly recommend you to have a Back-up. Do not use it unless you are completely drained out of the present state.

Thank you. Lemme know in case the post is bad. I have a back-up xD.

Keep Supporting! Love you all.



A 19 year old, It hit me all of a sudden that I could write. An amateur at writing, here I am to showcase emotions of you and me, into writing. Your mind, My words. Thats the concept of Stray Words.

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