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Love is sometimes having to say you are sorry

Hey all!

Ok.. As soon as you read the title, you might think what this female is upto. Being the post where I am going to again talk about “sorries and blah”, let me just make it clear that this one is of a different context. You will realise it as you progress reading. read Mooore

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The Last Day Scenes

The last day of a three or four year graduation programme is like you are watching the climax of a tragedy movie. Mostly teary-eyes everywhere, that’s how the feeling of “I m gonna miss you” will take over one’s self.
But being a professional CA student, my case is so different. That too without any graduation, all that I do is attend private coaching classes and mandatory training programmes.
How a typical last day feels will be, is what this post is all about.Here it goes..  Continue reading “The Last Day Scenes”

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V Day – Dream vs. Reality

February 14. As soon as you come across this date, your mind produces a faster answer than Google, “Valentine’s Day”. A day of red and roses, you already feel dreamy about it. But, hold on your dreams because the reality is soo very different, atleast in India.

If you are single, you are gonna face Click to continue reading

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An Apology to my Bestie

We all have a few people in our life who would do anything for us and well, we too would do anything for them. They top our priority list, but sometimes we take them for granted.
We expect them to lend their ears to us and we don’t do the same. Has it began to hit you atleast now, that it is totally unfair? That you have been a real meano?

Cick to read Mooooore!

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Memories have so much power.  Continue Reading

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Marina cried,

Manhattan echoed.

Distances disappeared,  Click to read more

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Where Google and Wikipedia failed,

Mom succeeds in finding things.

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