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Down the memory Lane

Memories.They stir the strongest of feelings. While some memories could be happiest ones, others might be the most depressing and regretful types. I am just awe with the fact that our brain could actually remember so many things. And that too, the smallest things of all. Continue Reading. Click here.

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It’s just a passing phase.

My mom often keeps telling me that life is a giant-wheel. The ones at the top will go down and the ones at the bottom are destined to go up. There is no way that you can escape from this giant-wheel principle in your life. Click to read mooooore

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To My “Many” Best Friends

Everybody has a best friend. For some, there’s at least this one constant friend who they entirely grow up with. And for others, they have “best friends” at each and every stage of their life. And I fall in the latter category. I have had different “besties” at different points. Being in the last year of my teens, I really think this is the right time to write something for them. This also includes my current best friends because peeps, I am writing in advance. Here I go.. Click to continue reading

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Being with a younger sibling

Same blood but a different (or rather opposite) category. Yessss, that’s about our siblings. Without them, we all are incomplete. If you are an elder one, ask your parents about the time when you were excited for a baby brother or sister to play with. But bam, you realise Click to continue reading

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Tall Girl Woes

Being a girl of 5’8″, I have my own woes. And I assure that every tall girl would relate to it.
First and most important, I don’t get a proper pant. When the ankle length jeans was a trend, only I know of how badly I wanted it. I tried some 10 shops, and everybody else’s ankle length jean, was of a three – fourth size jean for me. Not to forget the leggings (or gatherings or watever it is), for everyone the end part gets accumulated layer wise, for me its just a two or three fold.
Not only pants, here comes the Click to continue reading

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Love is sometimes having to say you are sorry

Hey all!

Ok.. As soon as you read the title, you might think what this female is upto. Being the post where I am going to again talk about “sorries and blah”, let me just make it clear that this one is of a different context. You will realise it as you progress reading. read Mooore

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The Last Day Scenes

The last day of a three or four year graduation programme is like you are watching the climax of a tragedy movie. Mostly teary-eyes everywhere, that’s how the feeling of “I m gonna miss you” will take over one’s self.
But being a professional CA student, my case is so different. That too without any graduation, all that I do is attend private coaching classes and mandatory training programmes.
How a typical last day feels will be, is what this post is all about.Here it goes..  Continue reading “The Last Day Scenes”